Looking Back at 2013: Insight’s take on feminist history!


We received a micro-grant from the Girls Action Foundation to create a Feminist History Walking Tour of downtown Ottawa for their National Day of Action, which happens each Valentine’s Day. The idea was to spread the word about the amazing activism that Ottawa-based feminists have done over the years to improve our sexual, gender and reproductive rights both locally and nationally. The troupe researched and spoke about the history of abortion services in Ottawa, the progression of trans* women’s rights (and who is fighting for equality for trans* women locally), the development of Black History Month (and its connection to The Famous Five statue on Parliament Hill) and the legalization of contraception in Canada. Did you know that the process of legalizing contraception started in Vanier? Read up on it here if you want to know more.

We don’t want to brag too much, but this project was so awesome that it won us a Femmy Award!



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